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The Phaerimm is a creature I modelled for use with a game called Neverwinter Nights and it's appearance is based on D&D source material. I modelled it and did the UV layouts in Maya6.0 and created the 512x512 texture in Photoshop.
Thudpucker is a games character for Quake that a co-worker modelled. I brought it into StudioPaint 9.5 and painted the textures directly onto the 3d surface. Also did some of the texture work in Photoshop. The face is from a photo of Ronald Reagan. Rendered in Maya.
This model was used in the StudioPaint 9.0 demo at Siggraph '98. The model and demo were made by co-workers. I painted all the texture maps (bump, colour, etc) for the frog using a beta version of StudioPaint 9.0. (which I was responsible for testing at the time) Rendered in Maya.
StudioPaint Calendar
My contribution to the StudioPaint calendar. (in house project) The frog head model was created by Daniel Hornick and Jeff Bell. I painted the colour and bump maps using StudioPaint, as well as all the 2D elements in the scene (arms, crutches, background). The frog's head was rendered in Studio/Power Animator.