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Welcome to Selgaunt, server 89 of the persistant world A Land Far Away for Neverwinter Nights.
HDM: Drokkar
ADMs: Electryc, Hakkman

Current Status: LIVE, Online 24/7

Latest updates:
Adios! I've resigned as HDM of Selgaunt. It was fun building Selgaunt for NWN - the characters, the dialogues, the streets, everything. I got to exercise my creative side and learn a bit more about designing in a persistant world, but I've had my fill of ALFA. We have a great bunch of players here and the mod's in good hands with Electryc and our ADMs (past and present) so it's all in their hands now. I've uploaded my mod to the DM FTP site for ALFA to do with what they will. Enjoy!

I'll leave the Selgaunt site up for now for archival reasons - it's unlikely to be updated again.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Chris McSpurren aka Drokkar

News Archive

Naval bombardment of the Inner Harbour.