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Just what do I do?: I work at a 3D software company called Side Effects Software as a Senior Quality Assurance Specialist.

Hobbies: Playing pc and console videogames, reading, photography.

Favorite Movies: Blade Runner, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, any Monty Python movie, The Matrix, SouthPark, Fight Club

Favorite Books: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson

Musical Preferences: Depeche Mode, Kate Bush, Bjork, Radiohead, Imogen Heap, Daft Punk.

My life before Side Effects: English BA from York University - (did a bunch of screenwriting and film production courses too), Alias, Autodesk, Battlefield Graphics Inc., Crosfield (Canada) Inc.

Here's an article I wrote (with photos) on my trip to Scotland in Sping 2004.

If you'd like to see my resume or demo reel, just e-mail me and I'll send it to you.