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I modelled this Vargouille while testing Houdini 9.5 on the mac. It's based on some D&D source images. The sculpting tools in Houdini are actually pretty nice - very speedy and responsive.
A10 Tank Killer
This A10 Tank Killer was modelled in Houdini 9.5 while I was testing the modelling tools. I picked an A10 because a buddy of mine has a screen saver called Paper Pilots and I offered to model a plane for him. I made the lines in the textures fairly thick and dark so that when the plane was shrunk down for the screensaver, they'd stand out more.
The Phaerimm is a low-poly (1600 approx) creature I modelled for use with a game called Neverwinter Nights and it's appearance is based on D&D source material. I modelled it and did the UV layouts in Maya6.0 and created the 512x512 texture in Photoshop.
Facial Animation Model
Here's a NURBS model I've built as a test project for facial animation. I made blendshapes for the different muscle groups in the face, rigged it up, and animated it.
(6 images here) Modelled, animated, and Rendered in Maya 4.0.
Blair Snowman Project
I was responsible for testing Paint Effects when it first came out in Maya 2.5 and this image was used for the cover of the What's New booklet that we shipped with the software. It's from an animation I did for a test project for Maya 2.5 and Paint Effects was used quite a bit in this scene.

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